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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tastes Like. . .

Chicken. That's what's on the menu for tonight.
I have a pretty comfortable method for roasting chicken, always happy with the results. I brine it overnight (or more), then I rub it down with olive oil, some combo of herbs and spices, and usually a little citrus juice or vinegar. If there's some of the slather left over, I pour it into the cavitiy.
I give it an initial blast of heat (usually a 500º oven, ~15-20 minutes) to crisp up the skin, then drop the oven to 350º and let it ride until my probe thermometer says the internal temp is 165º. I let it rest ~15 minutes, then we dig in. It works well, always juicy and flavorful, and I can make the sides while it's in the oven. I always enjoy it, even on a weeknight it's not a stressful meal to prepare. . .so why am I feeling compelled to screw with it?
I lay awake in bed last night, contemplating a variation on my old standby chicken. A variation perhaps, invovlving the marinade injector that a friend gave me over Thanksgiving. . .
Pondering what a roast chicken would taste like if its meat were injected with a combination of melted butter and Meyer lemon juice, perhaps infused with garlic and fresh bay leaves, and then left to soak up that goodness before going into the oven. And, what if I just wasn't able to help myself, so the slather on the chicken was garlic and the zest from that same Meyer lemon?
Could that be worth a betrayal of my roast chicken that has stood by me for so long? Could I ever be true to that recipe again after a one-night stand with this exotic temptress?

We'll find out tonight.


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